Probate And Genealogy Association Launched

A new association has recently been launched for the industry of probate genealogy research with the aim of providing a single authoritative source of opinion and advice.

The International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters (IAPPR) is the brainchild of Finders International, who featured heavily in the hit BBC1 TV show Heir Hunters early this year, and are now filming again for a new series.

Daniel Curran, founder member and media consultant of the IAPPR said: “‘I have been searching for a viable international and professional association fur my companyfor years with no success. The IAPPR will achieve worldwide attention and international support without a doubt – and the public and legal profession will stand to benefit enormously.”

There are amateur associations for genealogists and for those that traditionally trace their family trees. but the IAPPR will support the corporate world of intcrnational probate research. that focuses on tracing the missing or unknown beneficiaries to unclaimed estates, assets and funds.

Louise Lewis of Blake Morgen LLP, a leading firm of solicitors in the UK said:
“As a professional, I am regulated by an independent body. Regulation safeguards the public because it ensures that I have to meet a minimum standard of professional conduct and ethics. It provides peace of mind for those dealing with me. Sadly I have seen what can happen to clients who deal with unregulated service providers und how expensive and distressing it can be when things go wrong. I welcome Finders voluntarily signing up to a code of conduct confirming that they act in accordance with very high standards. It shows a commitment to protecting their clients and to providing a sustained high quality of service.”

The IAPPR is gaining significant interest from heir-hunting firms around the globe that are seeking to reassure the legal world of their professionalism and commitment to service of the highest standard.
For further comment or enquiry, please contact Padraic Grennan of Finders International, Suite
5073 Unit I, 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, or email [email protected]

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