Where There’s No Will, There’s Still A Way To Find Heirs To Estates


Padraic Grennan of Finders International: ‘We have to be able to prove who is

entitled and who is not.’

There is no list of unclaimed estates in Ireland, whereas genealogists in the UK have a list to find next of kin

Filming for the 10th series of BBC show Heir Hunters is to take place in Ireland this autumn and will feature searches for the beneficiaries of deceased Irish people’s estates.

The popular programme centres on the work of Finders International, probate genealogists based in London, who opened a branch on Sir John Rodgerson’s Quay in Dublin earlier this year.

The work of a probate genealogist, for those who haven’t seen the programme, involves tracing missing or unknown beneficiaries to a person’s estate when that person has died intestate, without making a will.

Padraic Grennan, business development manager with the company, says that although there is much overlap in cases in the UK and Ireland, there is differing legislation and crucial differences in the way the State handles intestate cases here.

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