Finders Help The Herald In Reuniting Long Lost Brothers

An 80-year-old man who believed all his life he was an only child has received confirmation this week he has a 78-year-old brother.

A story in the Herald helped reunite brothers Frederick (left) and Jimmy O’Donnell


This article follows the work of Amy Littlechild, a senior researcher for Finders International, and centres on reuniting a family after years of searching.

“Finders International first found out about this case when reading an appeal in the Independent [hyperlink:] where Theresa was trying to find her long lost uncle James on behalf of her father Frederick and we decided we would assist the family free of charge”.


Typically research undertaken in such cases consists of a variety of investigatory techniques including, but not limited to, obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates in conjunction with searches of the electoral registers. Finders International have an abundance of additional in-house data sources to help facilitate such research efficiently.


Amy faced challenging hurdles in this case and said:

“In the first instance we were told that James was living in the Manchester area and that’s where we initially centred investigations. As the case progressed we widened the scope of research further afield but also had to consider the possibility that James may have returned to Ireland or, of course, had passed away. Thankfully, after following up on numerous leads, we located him to an address in Cheltenham”.


The Herald subsequently reported on the work by Finders International and Theresa commented: “My dad said that, no matter what happens in future, he feels his life is complete now and he is so looking forward to meeting Uncle Jimmy”. Amy Littlechild concluded “It was lovely to finally re-unite James with his brother Frederick and niece Theresa. I believe they are over the moon that we have been able to trace him and that James is happy to meet them.”