Genealogists Ireland

Are you looking for genealogists in Ireland? If so, you have come to the right place.

Finders Ireland offers a service that provides professionally researched histories of families, next of kin, identifying and tracing heirs, and locating missing or unknown beneficiaries to estates in Ireland and worldwide.

Our office in Dublin is run by full-time, professional Irish genealogists and we can provide you with efficient, effective and value-for-money services no matter what your requirement. We can look for missing next of kin, and we run a specialist reuniting families’ service where we can help people who were adopted find their birth parents or relatives.

Of course, the Irish diaspora is spread far and wide, which is why we have offices in London and Edinburgh and a trusted network of partners we work with across the UK and the world. No matter how far and wide your family may have scattered, we have the resources, the experience and the skills to find them.

Professional research does cost money and a lot of people are tempted to undertake family tree research or finding next of kin by themselves, but what we can offer is specialist skills and experience. Research often involves thinking outside the box or working with unfamiliar records and archives. As full time genealogists in Ireland, we have the specialist knowledge required.

We can also help those who have Irish backgrounds, but who live out of Ireland. While there are many online records and archives these days, some genealogy research still does need to be done in Ireland, and we can carry this out on your behalf. One of the additional issues that can make researching Irish family histories tricky is the spelling of names in the 19th Century, which might not reflect how the surname is spelt now.

And of course many more people spoke Irish and so the incorrect recording of their names in what was a foreign language to them would have mattered very little to that person at the time.

As professional genealogists in Ireland, we have easy access to many records – from the national archives, to the General Register Office records, property records, parish records, the census returns, occupational records, tenants’ lists and more.

Finders Ireland is part of Finders International, expert international probate genealogists who have been working in this field since 1997. Finders International is one of the main firms on BBC1’s Heir Hunters series (currently being broadcast on BBC1, 9.15am weekday mornings) and the firm prides itself in providing a fresh and dynamic approach to the work it carries out, delivering fast, no-nonsense services.

Finders also works to a professional code of conduct and has numerous accreditations and professional memberships, including membership of the Association of Professional Genealogists and providers of Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance.

For more information about genealogists Ireland, Finders and the services we offer, please contact us on +353 (0)1 691 7252, Freephone (Ireland only) : 1800 210 210 or email [email protected]