Irish Passports: EU Vote Doesn’t Change Eligibility

Following last week’s Brexit vote, there has been a rush of people in the UK applying for Irish passports.

Charlie Flanagan, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, said the surge in interest in Irish passports was threatening to have a “significant” impact on the passport service.

The rush of interest indicates UK passport holders are concerned that the rights they enjoy as EU citizens are about to come to an end, following the referendum vote to the leave the EU. Mr Flanagan said passport holders would continue to hold the same rights.

In a statement he said: “An unnecessary surge in applications for Irish passports will place significant pressure on the system and on turnaround times.

“The increased interest clearly points to a sense of concern among some UK passport holders that the rights they enjoy as EU citizens are about to abruptly end.

“I want to state clearly that this is not the case.”

However, the EU referendum result has not changed the entitlement to an Irish passport for those who are eligible.

Anyone born in the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland or who has or had an Irish parent or grandparent, is eligible for an Irish passport. This applies to some six million people living in the UK.

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