Need Genealogy Ireland Experts?

Do you need genealogy Ireland experts for media purposes? If so, Finders Ireland can help.

We have a lot of experience in media interviews – from radio to TV, we’ve done them all. Finders Ireland specialises in seeking out unknown next of kin in cases where someone has died without leaving a will. Our services also include finding missing wills, asset investigations, overseas bankruptcy services, reuniting families, family tree verification, overseas account closures and more.

We can speak (and write) knowledgeably on all these subjects, and provide you with the expert view. In recent months, Finders Ireland has appeared on Ireland Am and Red FM. Finders International also featured on the Anton Savage Show where Padraic Grennan joined the host to help Eileen Gormley launch her appeal to help trace her birth mother, who she was separated from 50 years ago.

As we have many years’ experience in tracing family members, we can provide expert opinion on the steps we take and share with your audience the work that goes into finding people – no matter where they are in the world. As Ireland’s adoption laws change, we anticipate there will be a surge in demand in the number of people seeking out birth parents or siblings. We can help with those searches and we can also talk about the lines of inquiry we follow.

As genealogy Ireland experts, we also have a solid understanding of Irish history and Irish record- keeping. Thanks to the fire at the Public Records Office in 1922 (it was bombed during the Battle of Dublin), many records were lost. This can make historical investigation and family history research difficult – but not impossible. We can give advice on how people can begin their research and the resources we use when investigating family trees.

Finders International has put in many television appearances over the years, most notably in the BBC series, Heir Hunters. Featured as one of the main heir hunting firms on the show, our work has raised awareness of professional heir hunting services. The show focuses on interesting cases and we have worked with many fascinating people over the years, whose family history has revealed all kinds of twists and turns.

Irish diaspora is scattered far and wide. For a state of just more than four-and-a-half million people (and six million on the island as a whole), it is believed that there are up to 70 million people all around the world who can claim Irish ancestry. We can speak about seeking out your Irish roots when you live elsewhere and we can also provide interviews about adoption, particularly the forced adoptions of the 1940s and 50s, when it is estimated some 60,000 children in Ireland were adopted.

If you would like to interview a genealogy Ireland expert, please contact our office on +353 (0)1 691 7252, freephone (Ireland only): 1800 210 210 or email [email protected]