Missing Asset Service – UK

Have you taken steps to maximise the estate assets?

Finders International offers Financial Asset Searches which means that thorough searches of UK, USA and Australia asset sources can be made quickly and easily.

Overseas asset repatriation can be arranged as well. Please contact us if you need this.

USA & Australian Asset Searches – To order please contact us.

UK Missing Assets SearchOrder and Costs.

Please complete the form here and forward it to us along with a certified* copy of the deceased’s death certificate or the grant of representation.

Payment must be made in full and in advance of the service. Please contact us to confirm your order and we will email our invoice by return. Payment by Bank EFT is preferred. Please advise if you cannot pay by EFT.

*The certified copy needs to have been signed by a registered solicitor or barrister as a true copy of the original and it must state the solicitor’s full name, occupation, address and telephone number.

If you know the deceased’s UK National Insurance number this will help, but it isn’t essential.

Our search brings together all of the resources that can currently be checked for unclaimed assets and it will help you check for funds that may have been overlooked or deposited in accounts that have been forgotten.

This includes searches of:

  • Pension providers and the UK Department of Work and Pensions
  • More than 200 financial institutions
  • UK Shareholdings – in excess of 15 million record

Risk Management and Compliance

Probate practitioners need to be aware of the potential consequences of failing to identify all financial assets during an estate administration.

Please note:

A target delivery time of 6-8 weeks is specified but can’t be guaranteed as we are relying on third parties.

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