Missing Will Service

Whether you are administering an intestate estate and wish to search for a will, or you hold a will and want to check if a more recent will was made, Finders International can help with our thorough and inexpensive, insurance-approved service.

In the first instance, we recommend that you:

  • Check the Deceased’s property and personal possessions
  • Ask any known relatives, friends or neighbours of the Deceased whether they know of a will.

Once this is done, you can instruct us to search for a will.

Upon completion of the Missing Will Service (this takes 8 weeks), we can also make an application to Aviva for an insurance policy which will cover against the possibility of a will (or more recent Will than the one used) being discovered after distribution of the estate.

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Geographical Options – Extending your Missing Will Searches

Our standard Missing Will Service includes local searches, but in certain cases you may wish to include several towns or counties. If this is the case, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Service Details

As a minimum, we will complete the following searches; however, as there’s no central institution or database for will registration, we regularly review and update this service and add in new searches. We believe our service to be the most thorough that is available.

  • We check with all bank(s), building societies and accountants local to the deceased person’s last known address.
  • We write to all solicitors local to the deceased person and/or in any other specific area(s) as requested in your instructions.
  • We advertise in The Irish Law Society Gazette.
  • If necessary or as requested, we contact other specified professional bodies.
  • We compile a summary report of all the searches made and the results of our research.

Service Charge €400 + VAT*

Advance Payment of the Service Charge above is required – please send a cheque for €400 + VAT payable to ‘Finders’ or contact us for BACS transfer information.
Our Missing Will Service is free of charge if we are also asked by you to find missing or unknown heirs on a Contingency fee basis.
Our final bill to cover advertising & disbursement costs. will be sent with our report.

*advertisement & disbursement costs are extra, see Terms & Conditions for details.

Timescale – after placement of advertisement and other research has commenced we must allow 35 days for responses. All other searches will also be completed within 35 days.

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