Secure Pick up, Delivery, Signature & Witnessing Service

We have an exclusive team of over 40 mainly ex-police officers around the UK & Ireland. During these unprecedented times, you may need assistance in a wide variety of situations, especially involving the elderly or terminally ill. Therefore, we have decided to open up our network, usually used exclusively for Finders business, to any firm requiring personal pick up, drop off, signature or delivery of sensitive items or correspondence.

Contact: [email protected] or call Freephone (Ireland only) : 1800 210 210 for an immediate quotation.

  • Delivery / return of any items door to door (including from Home workers).
  • Obtain instructions or signatures, pick up or deliver items as required. Including Will signings & witnessing.
  • Search Empty property, prepare inventories and tie in seamlessly with Finders Property Sales & Services or assist with your own arrangements.
  • Instant empty property insurance available online, contact [email protected]
  • Repeat visits can be arranged as required.
  • Criminal record checked.
  • Trained in sensitivities including awareness of possible dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.
  • Use their own private vehicles for all work.
  • Use internal email addresses for data security.
  • GDPR & Data Protection compliant.
  • Covered by Finders company Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • All UK & Ireland covered, however remote.
  • Same day service often possible.
  • Female representatives available, as preferred by client.
How to witness a will
  • Meet up: The Testator or Testatrix and two witnesses need to be present.
  • Explain to the witnesses that the will is about to be signed.
  • Write down the date of signing in the space provided on the will.
  • As your witnesses watch, sign your name on the will using your normal signature, and initial all the pages.
  • The witnesses then sign, add their addresses and date their sections on the will.
  • Return the original will to your solicitor for safe keeping or store somewhere securely.
Contact us for an immediate quotation