Grants of Probate Overseas

Grants of Probate OverseasIf you are dealing with an estate with overseas assets (such as property, share-holdings, bank accounts), you may need to obtain a grant of probate in that jurisdiction to allow an executor to deal with the deceased person’s overseas assets.

Obtaining a grant of probate usually involves a solicitor local to the foreign jurisdiction applying to his or her court to reseal an Irish grant of probate. Once the reseal is complete, the sale and transfer of the deceased person’s asset(s) can take place.

In addition, we are able to help you obtain a the small estate indemnity, which may be used by some registrars if the value of the assets in Ireland is modest (usually less than around €20,000 to €24,000). This can make the process of registering the death and disposing of the shares much easier.

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