Daniel Curran


Daniel Curran, Finders International’s founder and managing a company, is the foremost industry spokesman having appeared in over 230 press, radio and TV articles and appearances.

Finders International is the largest probate research company in Ireland and one of the largest probate research companies in the World.

Finders International specialises in genealogical research and heir hunting services.

Daniel Curran started his career in the probate genealogy industry in London in 1990. He has since become a leading authority in the field and has appeared on numerous TV shows, including the popular BBC series Heir Hunters, Ireland AM and ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to name but a few.

Daniel Curran is a descendant of the Irish Curran family from Co Cork who emigrated to England early on the 19th Century, and so it was with great pride that Finders International (Ireland) was opened and quickly become a well known and trusted brand with the Irish legal profession, County Councils, Coroners, empty homes professionals and others seeking to establish entitlements to estates, property and assets.

In 1997, Daniel Curran founded Finders International. The company quickly became a respected name in the Irish genealogy industry, offering a range of services to help people trace and find lost heirs.

Under Curran’s leadership, Finders International has grown into one of the largest probate genealogy firms in the world, with offices in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. The company has a team of expert genealogists and legal researchers who specialize in tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries of estates.

Finders International is also a founder member of the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters (IAPPR), which is a voluntary self-regulatory body dedicated to promoting ethical standards in the probate genealogy industry see www.iappr.org

Curran’s expertise in the field of genealogy has led to numerous media appearances, including on the BBC’s Heir Hunters and ITV’s Long Lost Family. He is also a regular speaker at conferences and events, sharing his knowledge and insights on genealogy and probate research.

Overall, Daniel Curran has played a significant role in advancing the field of genealogy and probate research. Through his leadership of Finders International, he has helped countless individuals and families trace their ancestry and uncover their hidden heritage. His dedication to ethical standards and professionalism has also helped to raise the profile of the probate genealogy industry and promote best practices in the field.