Below is a small selection of comments we have received from lawyers and beneficiaries since opening for business in December 1997. Names of individuals or companies are only used with their permission and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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I wanted to express my gratitude for help in recovering the records of my great grandparents for use in my father’s Irish Citizenship through descent process. We had some records, but they were not the type acceptable for use. Since these records were spread out between three countries, I didn’t have the knowledge or resources how to gather everything, or whether they even still existed. Valerie, and Lorna, were very helpful and acquired everything needed. My family can’t thank you enough for helping us in an endeavor that seemed impossible for us to do.

Scott, California, 2024

Thanks to Finders, we got in contact with a long-lost cousin, who we have really bonded with and who is coming to my wedding, a wedding that has been only possible thanks to the inheritance.
For me, its huge, for many reasons and I can only thank Finders International for that. It took two years, but it has come at exactly the right time.

Renee, East Sussex, 2023

Excellent service. Never mind the money, I met my long-lost cousin that I consider as my brother I never met. So grateful.

Colette, Belfast 2023

It was a pleasure to deal with Finders and I found you very professional.

Paul, Crewe, 2023

Thanks so much again for all of the very hard work expended by Finders on my client’s complex conveyancing matter, I was very impressed, as was my client, with the intricate detail into which the research went.

Caitriona McMahon, Feran & Co., 2023

I was completely unaware of any inheritance/financial benefits that I may have. I am disabled live on my own and I’m quite happy, then one rainy night/evening one of the reps knocked on my door and told me off my potential windfall, no numbers! I was not expecting anything!! Fast forward 1 1/2 years, I get £5750 which I turn into a new scooter and aids To help me, so I must say a big thank you to finders without whom I would never know anything! Thank you again and happy Christmas to all.

Julien, 2022

Sometimes in complex probate or conveyancing matters a standstill is reached where as a solicitor you are aware of surviving relations but for whatever reason there is difficulty in locating them. We have had a number of such cases and used Finders services with great success. The files would pretty much have been at a standstill for an indefinite period without the services of Finders who prepared a detailed professional report which greatly assisted the files reaching a swift conclusion.

Eoin Brosnan, Brosnan & Co., Killarney, 2022

Ellen, you did a wonderful job locating an heir to a decedent from the USA with very little information to go on. You were professional, effective and efficient. I will use your company in the future and I would recommend Finders to anyone. Thank you.

Richard L. Colden, Jr. Stapleton & Colden, 2022

Very good, rapid tracing and notification of relatives.

David, Dublin, 2022

Very helpful and friendly when I had a problem using email system.

Penny, Brighton, 2022

Excellent Efficiency and Courtesy.

James, Glasgow, 2022

My deceased father’s cousin passed away. His cousin had no living immediate family and therefore his inheritance was shared with the remaining living family, aunts, cousins etc., Finders searched and found 71 members of his family from all over the UK and Ireland, an amazing find - I think this particular case is very interesting and how Finders came to have this case then finding each and every one us. The work that must have gone into this must have been astronomical.

Beneficiary, London, 2022

Excellent - Not only were the next of kin traced but each potential beneficiary was researched, leaving a comprehensive account of the resulting interests.

Justin McKenna, Partners at Law LLP, 2022

I found working with Finders International to be a very positive experience. They quickly and efficiently researched the matter for our client and reverted with updates along the way. They provided a very comprehensive report on conclusion. Thank you to Maeve and her team.

Daniel Gormley Sols Logo

Claire Gormley of Daniel Gormley & Co Solicitors, 2021

I would highly recommend Finders International…..excellent service, quick, efficient and highly professional. Maeve is so helpful and made a difficult matter seem so much easier! She also went above and beyond what we had originally requested of her.

Fiona Bevis, Barry-Cunningham & Henderson Solicitors, 2021

I was impressed with the speed and efficiency that you had. It was a very quick turnaround. The client was taken aback by Finders’ speed and efficiency.

Colm McGuire, McGuire O’Halloran Solicitors, 2021

I was delighted to discover recently that as well as assisting with complex probate and beneficiary identification Finders are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the area of title investigation. I was instructed in a matter involving a piece of unregistered property the title to which could not be located. Finders were very quick and efficient in assisting me with the relevant searches, eliminating irrelevant results and getting the right attested copy memorials etc. so that we could make real progress fast. We ultimately identified the title to the property required surprisingly quickly at a very reasonable cost, resulting in very happy clients. Maeve and her team at Finders helped us to look good in the eyes of our clients and enabled us to turn what might otherwise have been a dead-end file into a very productive matter for everyone concerned. I have since learned that Finders will also assist in responding to complex PRAI rulings on title and therefore the next time I encounter a problem of this nature they will be the first people that I call.

McCarthy + Co. LLP, 2021

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Finders for your comprehensive report. I will most definitely be using your service again.

Gallagher & Co Solicitors, 2021

We engaged Finders International in relation to a complex intestacy and were delighted with their highly-skilled, efficient and professional service. E.P. Keane & Company Solicitors LLP.

E.P. Keane & Company Solicitors LLP, 2021

I am very impressed with the services of Finders International. They found me across the pond. In all of my dealings with them, they were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using their services to anyone.

Mary, Boston, 2021

Our firm has used Finders International and they have provided an excellent professional service. Their staff have been courteous and helpful and I recommend use of the services they provide.

Eunan Gallagher, Gallagher McCartney LLP, 2020

Our firm has used Finders International on a number of occasions and every time their service was thorough, efficient and extremely helpful in dealing with the matter at hand. It is always a pleasure to deal with them and I would not hesitate in recommending Finders to any Probate practitioner.

Cullen @ Co.

Monika Chaberska – Blaszczyk, Cullen & Co. Solicitors, 2020

An excellent service which can get to the bottom of missing beneficiaries in an estate. They provide all the necessary certificates (birth , marriage, death etc.) allowing the executors to finalise the estate and discharge their responsibilities.

Caolan Doyle, Doyle & Company Solicitors, 2020

I was very happy with the service. It took longer than expected but that was no fault of Finders. They do exactly what they say on the tin.

John, Dublin, 2020

Finders International offer a very professional service. I found Maeve to be very pleasant, approachable and sensitive. My family and I thank Finders most sincerely for finding us. I am extremely grateful for the copy of our family tree. Now after more work myself, I am back in contact with a cousin. The money was a pleasant surprise, but being back in touch with family and being able to visit the grave of my deceased cousin are priceless blessings. Maeve was equally professional when I heard her speak on the radio. She really did a great job in promoting Finders International in Ireland.

Monica, Sligo, 2020

I was kept in the loop the whole way through.

Adrian, Dublin, 2020

I was very impressed with the fact that Finders tracked me down. It was all done very professionally. The service was done to its conclusion without me ever having to contact anybody.

William, Dublin, 2020

I was happy with the good service from Finders International.

Joseph, Dublin, 2020

I found Finders to be very thorough and professional. The company also gave me access to information that I requested to help me in my own family tree tracing project. I highly recommend this company.

Derek, Dublin, 2020

The service which Finders provides, from ascertaining who the next of kin of a deceased are to locating missing beneficiaries of an estate, has proved invaluable to our firm in the administration of estates in a timely and efficient manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a colleague.

Fintan Morahan, Partner, Oliver P. Morahan & Son LLP, 2020

We have asked Finders for assistance on a number of occasions and have been impressed by their knowledge and international reach.

Paraic Madigan, Partner and Head of Private Client, Matheson, 2020

Finders offers a trusted and efficient service which is of great importance to probate solicitors and their clients trying to progress the administration of an estate. Thanks once again for your help.
Gerrard L Mcgowan logo Ruth Higgins

Ruth Higgins, Gerrard L. McGowan Solicitors, 2020

My firm will certainly use the services of your firm in any other such cases we have.
Richard h mcdonnell logo.

Richard H McDonnell Solicitors, Ardee – 2020

Our Firm has been using the services of Finders International for many years now and their service is second to none. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Without their assistance some of my probate files could never have been brought to a conclusion. In one recent file, Finders International were successful in tracking down a long lost cousin of the deceased enabling an Estate in Ireland to be administered. - A very thankful Solicitor and beneficiary!
pg mcmahon logo

P.G. McMahon Solicitors, Newcastle West – 2019

We are very satisfied with regard to our dealings with your Firm to date. We look forward to using the services of Finders International again and again.

Dilon-Leetch & Comerford Solicitors, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo – 2019

Your service was incredibly professional and efficient, the intermittent updates very informative and the ultimate reports fulfilled the brief beyond my expectation - all at a reasonable cost.

Phil O’Regan & Co. – 2019

An excellent, efficient and affordable service. The searches undertaken are exhaustive, locating heirs previously unknown and even on occasion proving people to have no entitlement to either administer or share in an estate on intestacy. Finders give great comfort that an estate is being properly administered.

Canice Walsh – 2019

We have been using Finders International for several years in relation to missing and untraced beneficiaries and have found their services to be very efficient, practical, and cost-effective. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Ferry Solicitors – Barry O’Donoghue, 2019

Having availed of their services I would be very happy to recommend Finders Ireland to colleagues in providing an efficient and user-friendly service in tracing missing heirs.

Kelly & Ryan Solicitors – 2019

We have always found Finders to be very professional to deal with.
Stephensons logo

Stephenson Burns Solicitors, 2019

A totally professional and speedy service

Eric Hanson of HCB Park Woodfine LLP – 2016

Excellent, speedy service. Thank you.

Smith Partnership – 2016

Found the missing beneficiaries very quickly and stayed within the budget agreed

London Solicitor – 2016

A very efficient service was provided at a reasonable cost

Rowberry Morris Solicitors – 2016

Excellent as always, and for a very reasonable fee.

Poole Townsend – 2015

Well done Padraic, a lovely TV interview, a wonderful outcome, and a very nice piece of publicity for the company!

Lorraine Power, Holmes O’Malley Sexton Solicitors, Dublin 2 – 2015

I have instructed Finders on matters in the last year and found the service to be extremely professional. I welcome Finders to Dublin and believe their services will be of huge benefit to solicitors in Ireland.

John Costello Beauchamp Solicitors – 2015

After 8 years of searching and having previously used two other search agents with no success, you have now bought this to a successful close. Thank you

Solicitor, London – 2015

Was impressed with the speed and quality of the service provided

C J Pilling, Widdows Pilling & Co Solicitors, Manchester – 2015

I am extremely grateful to you for achieving such an excellent result so quickly

QS Knight Polson, Eastleigh, UK – 2014

Very good value for money compared to other genealogists

Mark Thomson, Knocker & Foskett Solicitors, Sevenoaks UK – 2014

Always reliable. Good communication. Pleasant and helpful staff. Very approachable.

Lawyers, Canterbury, UK – 2014

I have used Finders for many years and always receive an excellent service

Sue Peeling, Robinson Allfree Solicitors, Ramsgate UK – 2013

Clear, upfront advice on costs. Quick, successful service, excellent, thank you.

HRJ Foreman Laws Lawyers , Hitchin UK – 2013

Finders understand what’s required of them and they are proactive, constructive and have a sound understanding of their business and how to address the marketplace.

Lawyers , Oxford UK, 2013

Excellent and highly efficient and much appreciated. I’m impressed!

Lawyers, Hampshire UK – 2011

Always friendly and helpful. I would not use any other firm!

Lawyers , Peterborough UK – 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and efficient assistance in this matter and for your reasonable commission structure

Last Cawthra Feather LLP, Solicitors, Shipley, UK – 2010

Mr Roberton is extremely impressed at the efficient and effective way you have dealt with this matter and will have no hesitation in using the services of your firm in the future

JMT Solicitors, Newton Abbott, UK – 2008

A prompt and impressive service every time.

Emsleys Solicitors, Rothwell, West Yorkshire, UK – 2007

Absolutely first rate professional service – much appreciated. You were highly recommended to us and it was justified!

Clyde Chappell & Botham Solicitors, Stoke-On-Trent, UK – 2006

We wish to report that our clients found your report very thorough and well presented. It has greatly assisted ourselves in preparing a distribution account.

Lawyers , Leicestershire, UK – 2005

The family will be delighted and surprised that their missing relative has been traced

Lawyers , Dorset, UK – 2004

May I thank you and your organisation for the most excellent and professional way in which you have dealt with this matter.

Richardson Spurling Lawyers , Dorset, UK – 2003

We were very pleased with your efforts and the presentation was excellent. It was especially useful that you kept us up-to-date with progress.

Howard & Over Lawyers , Devonport, Plymouth, UK – 2002

Excellent service

Solicitors / NSW, Australia – 2015

Many thanks for your letters, the contents of which I am very pleased to note In the meantime thank you very much for your assistance.

Lawyers , Essex, UK – 2001

we are most grateful and not to say impressed by the speed and efficiency of service. We shall not hesitate to call on you further should the need arise.

Lawyers , Surrey, UK – 2000

I never knew that “miracles” did not take a little longer.

Jackson Lawyers , Stockton-on-Tees, UK – 1999

We were extremely impressed by your speed and professionalism throughout and will not hesitate to use your services again in the future.

Turbervilles Lawyers , Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK – 1998

I thought this day would never arrive. To see my dads face today when I told him his brother had been found meant more to me than winning the lottery. A heartfelt thank you to Finders International for giving my dad his brother.

Ms T Wardley – 2015

Thank you for supporting our search....you did a wonderful job

Ms T English – 2015

I thank you so much for your research and efforts in locating us, which will perhaps enable us to learn a bit more about my father’s family history

Beneficiary, Canada – 2014

I was amazed at the extent of your research & delighted to have a little more knowledge of my Grandmother’s family………..I am very grateful to you for all your trouble

Beneficiary, Wimborne – 2014

Without your service I would never have known about the inheritance. Thank you.

Douglas Hawes, Germany – 2014

Simonne & Emma who dealt with this matter for my father were extremely helpful & friendly. Our questions were dealt with promptly and we were fully informed at all times. Excellent.

Beneficiary, Abingdon – 2014

Knowing you had my interests in your care I was quite happy to leave the worrying and checking to you – so many, many thanks to you all

Beneficiary, Sutton Coldfield, UK 2013

Thanks to your hard work & expertise, my partner and myself will be having a wonderful xmas.My children and grandchildren are also beneficiaries of your wonderful work

Mr V Goodey, Berkshire – 2013

The money was a pleasant surprise, but the family tree is priceless, many thanks!

Beneficiary, London 2013

Thank you for your service and for sending me a family tree…….I rate your service and correspondence as ‘Excellent’

Beneficiary, York, UK 2012

You have dealt with this matter professionally and with speed……I thank you for all you have done

Beneficiary, York, UK – 2011

I have now received a surprisingly large cheque from the [Deceased's] estate……Without your company’s efforts I would have known nothing about all this.

Beneficiary, Essex, UK – 2011

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in researching the genealogy of my relative. It was quite unexpected but the outcome was very welcome.

Beneficiary, Peterborough, UK – 2010

Every letter I received was helpful & easy to understand. These sort of things you read about but never think it could happen. Will make a lot of people smile; we are just ordinary great-grandparents. Thank you again for all the work you did.

Pamela Knapp, UK – 2009

Excellent, dealt with efficiently and a quick service.

Beneficiary, Bedfordshire, UK – 2008

I would just like to thank you on behalf of myself and my family

Katrine Skerritt, Cleveland, UK – 2007

As it came out of the blue the information was enlightening and much appreciated. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I am most pleased with the results.

Trevor Child, Wiltshire, UK – 2006

This feels like a dream. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You have made a small family feel like a complete family by contacting us and giving us this information

Beneficiary, Canada – 2005

Thank you very much for your family tree covering [the Deceased's] relatives. I really did not expect anything so comprehensive. It is absolutely fascinating…………It was most kind of you to not only forward my letter to [a relative] in New Zealand, but to cover the cost of the postage too. I wonder if they will reply!

Beneficiary, Cheshire, UK – 2004

I apologise for at first doubting your authenticity……A lawyer checked out your bonfides for me and assured me everything was “kosher” and I should complete the Agreement, which I did immediately. Again my apologies for complicating your endeavours on my behalf

Beneficiary, Canada – 2003

Thank you so much for the unbelievable family tree that you sent me. I am in total awe and amazement that I belong to such a vast and extended family…..Once again my sincere thanks for all your hard work

Beneficiary, Republic of South Africa – 2002

I have received cheque from [solicitors] and would like to thank you for work involved in tracing me……After the shock it was a lovely surprise which will enable us to have some replacements in the home and a few more luxuries in our retirement. Very grateful.

Beneficiary, Devon, UK – 2001

I wish to take this opportunity to thank yourselves for all the work that you have obviously had to undertake in the search for me, thank you very much.

Joan Portlock, Yorkshire, UK – 2000

Many thanks for your letter and copy of our family tree. It is not just interesting, it is priceless. We have always felt isolated out here in New Zealand.

David Morris, Waiotira, New Zealand – 1999
Susan Creamore, Langley, Canada – 1998