Who Are Finders International?

Finders International are a professional firm of probate genealogists (also known as heir hunters) operating worldwide to trace missing and unknown beneficiaries to estates.

Why Have I Been Contacted?

As a result of our investigations to locate heirs, we will inevitably reach a point where it becomes necessary to establish contact with members of the public. We may have contacted you as a potential beneficiary or because we believe you may be able to offer information on the person or family we are looking for.

How Have I Become Involved?

When a person dies without having made a Will (i.e. intestate), their Estate will benefit their nearest living blood relatives in accordance to the laws governing the country in which they were resident. Sometimes the nearest next of kin will be distant family and it is common that the beneficiaries were not aware of the Deceased.

In cases where a Will has been made, lawyers may request our professional services to find legatees or beneficiaries who cannot be traced. In most of our cases, such contact comes as a complete surprise.

Who has asked you to do this?

A majority of our work is referred to us directly by lawyers who have encountered problems tracing beneficiaries or the next of kin of a deceased client and who require our professional services and expertise.

Often we are asked us to work independently on a ‘no trace, no fee’ commission basis (generally referred to as a contingency fee). Sometimes we may begin investigations into an unclaimed estate on our own initiative where lawyers have not yet been appointed (known as bona vacantia).

If there is anything you feel we have not covered, please call or write to us and we will be more than happy to answer your query.

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