Irish Law Gazette Champions Finders International’s Arrival In Ireland

Assisting law firms throughout Britain since 1997, probate genealogists Finders International are regarded as experts at tracing missing beneficiaries and unknown next of kin. The company has a worldwide reach in tracing people to even the most obscure of destinations. Finders has been operating in Ireland for many years and, due to an increase in the demand for its services, decided the time was right to set up a dedicated Irish office last March.
While tracing is its core business, Finders provides other services that are proving popular with Irish solicitors, including their very useful missing asset service.
“We are seeing more and more solicitors getting in touch regarding assets overseas and the problems they encounter,” says managing director Daniel Curran. “We can repatriate assets, such as property, stocks, shares and bonds from foreign jurisdictions. This process can be very daunting and we are happy to assist solicitors in any way we can.”
Finders International plays an important role in the BBC programme Heir Hunters. Season ten is now under way, and Padraic Grennan (business development manager for Ireland) says that filming will take place in Ireland in the coming months. “We are currently handling some fascinating cases, with some wonderful social history that I’m sure viewers will find interesting,” says Padraic. “The programme is great because it shows how quickly and efficiently we can achieve a successful conclusion to these cases.” If you have any queries regarding missing beneficiaries or unknown next of kin, or wish to discuss the overseas asset service, contact Finders at tel: 01 6917252 or email: [email protected]

Extract from Irish Law Gazette