Finding Next of Kin for Councils

Did you know that Finders Ireland works with councils, hospitals and coroners in Ireland to find people’s next of kin for free?

When someone dies intestate and without any known relatives, we can find their family very quickly – often within a matter of days, thanks to our expertise in the area of Irish genealogy.

These days, with people scattering far and wide for work and other reasons, individuals dying alone has become more common. It can seem as if a person has no-one, but family members might be overseas or distantly related and perhaps not even aware of the person who has died.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that they are still potential the heirs to someone’s estate. It might be the case too, that they wish to know of a relative’s death and to arrange that person’s funeral or burial.

If you are a lawyer or other professional connected to probate or Wills and estates, Finders Ireland can also help secure instructions for your firm to act in the administration of the estate. This means that any costs that you may have already incurred can then be recovered from the estate and subsequent work generated.

When it comes to Ireland’s intestacy laws, if a valid Will is found or heirs to the estate exist, the State has no interest. We can also locate missing Wills, as well as missing, dormant and unclaimed assets in the UK, and carry out local and overseas bankruptcy searches.

You can refer an estate to Finders Ireland here.