Other Asset Services

Missing Share Certificates

If you are trying to transfer or sell a shareholding, and there are lost share certificates, you will need to obtain a letter of indemnity from the company registrar, countersigned by an insurer, before you can replace the lost certificates. For a fee, share registrars will generally arrange their own countersignature insurance for these letters of indemnity, when the value of the lost shares is modest. When the value of the lost shares exceeds approximately €60,000* however, they will require the shareholder (or their estate representative) to obtain their own insurance.

We can help with the replacement of lost share certificates and obtain a quote for specialist countersignature indemnity insurance, where the registrar won’t offer this themselves. Our fees for this service start at €75 EUR plus VAT exclusive of registrars’ fees and indemnity premium.
*Exchange rate variable and amount subject to change.

Unclaimed Dividends Recovery Service

We can help estates to recover outstanding dividends and other distributions, and prepare schedules for current and historic tax years, which you may need for income tax purposes.

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