Finders Ireland enters strategic partnership with Vacant Homes

Finders Ireland and have entered into an exciting strategic and collaborative agreement to bring more vacant and derelict homes in Ireland, back into use. is a crowdsourcing web portal that has been developed by Mayo County Council on behalf of the local government sector, as a central website for individuals to anonymously log possible vacant properties throughout the country.

Building on the experiences and expertise of both organisations, this innovative collaboration between leading institutions in both the public and private sectors will allow the creation of new homes from current vacant and derelict dwellings.

Maeve Mullin, Director Finders Ireland said, “There are various reasons as to why a property may become derelict. The banks may have repossessed the property at some point if an owner could not meet their mortgage payments. Investors may also own derelict sites and are awaiting the appropriate time to develop.

There is a third scenario, however, whereby the owner of the property has passed away, and no one knows who the next of kin may be. Perhaps the owner was the last surviving member of their family, might never have married or had children, and the neighbours do not know who to contact.

Given our resources, we, alongside, and with your help, can contribute towards alleviating the housing crisis by locating entitled relatives of the deceased owners of derelict properties, which in turn means they can be sold, developed and reintroduced into housing supply.”

The Finders Ireland and partnership is a powerful combination. Identifying owners of vacant homes and trying to make contact with them can be both time consuming and difficult. Finders play a vital role in locating owners in Ireland and overseas.

Reporting a vacant property couldn’t be easier

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the form with as many details as you have. If you are standing near the vacant property use the Geo location button to get your current location.
  3. If you have pictures of the property you can upload them. Or you can take pictures with your phone. Be sure geo location is enabled on your phone camera (it usually is). This will help us find the property.
  4. You can also insert your email address to create an account. With an account you can login and see your previously submitted properties.

For further information on this new partnership, please contact our team on +353 (0)1 5676940 or email [email protected]