Government Takes Bold Steps to Revitalise Derelict Buildings with Increased Funding

In a major move towards urban renewal, the government has announced a substantial increase in funding aimed at addressing the issue of derelict buildings across Ireland. The initiative, unveiled in a recent post on, outlines the government’s commitment to revitalising neglected urban spaces.

The comprehensive plan includes allocating significant financial resources to tackle dereliction- transforming eyesores into vibrant and functional assets for communities. By addressing this long-standing concern, the government aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal of neighbourhoods, attract potential investors, and create employment opportunities.

This strategic funding injection shows government’s intent in fostering sustainable urban development.

In the first phase of the scheme, the pilot phase, an initial 26 towns received funding to create a Town Centre First plan. A further 26 towns – one in each county in the republic – have been given the green light to develop their own Town Centre First plans..

They will receive €30,000 each for locally-led projects of their choosing, as the initiative aims to keep in mind that “every town is different”.

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